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What is it ? 

GSP Objects is a library to provide jsp like object infrastructure for c++ web programs to be run on different oses under different servers

Radoslav Paskalev.

What is done until now 

To do 


In order to use the library, you must :

Please see the examples provided in zip file distribution.

Building libraries 

Under windows supported compilers are:

Under linux i tested only gcc

For every compiler there is a makefile which builds both isapi and cgi libraries so to build them you must type "<make> -f makefile.<cmp>" where: <make> is the compiler make tool and <cmp> is the extension for this compiler

Under linux there is only one makefile called "makefile". It builds only cgi(as i know apache supports isapi only under win32).

Compiler notes:

Current release

V 0.02 - 14/05/2002

Maintenance release.A lot of internal changes and optimizations, mainly to reduce size of library.

Older releases

V 0.01 - 09/04/2001

First release, provides classes HttpRequest, HttpResponse, GspWriter, Cookie, URLCoder.

Compiles on Win32 (vc6) and may compile on most systems with recent gcc (ostringstream, i.e. sstream lib, must be available)

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