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Last release : V 0.6.3, 04/27/2001 : Download !

GSP Objects : V 0.02, 14/05/2001 : Download !

What is GSP ? 

The initial idea is to provide the same facilities to create cgi programs with C/C++ than JSP does with Java. So GSP is first a html page parser that produces a cgi C++ program.

Why ? 

I'm a French developer and was working in a young net company. I spent most of my time writing JSP applications. One day I had to write just a little web program so I started to write a cgi in C (things I didn't have done since two years). My first feeling was : "printf("<html><head>... and so on..." it's so long and boring". Then I said to myself, It would be great to have some tool to write this for me. Two hours later, I started writing a little parser I called first CSP. It became GSP when I realize it was possible to mix any mark-up language with any programming language (and GSP can mean GNU Server Pages ;-). So why not producing XML outputs in a perl cgi ?

GSP was born.

Such a tool may be (I hope) useful to many people. Everybody has a lot of perfect C code, old applications that work well. All those past works could start a new web life with the help of GSP. JSP/ASP/PHP are not always the best solution for web apps, small cgis sometimes fit better. Perl is another wide use language for the web. With GSP, writing a perl CGI will be as easy as writing a PHP page.

Note : There is already a project called GSP (GNU Server Pages). It does not seem to have exactly the same goal than General Server Pages. I discovered GNU Server Pages two month after creating General Server Pages when testing search engines submitions. The similar names are just coincidences.

GSP features 

GSP Objects 

As GSP is just a preprocessor, it can't provides all JSP or ASP facilities alone. You can use any library you want inside a gsp page to easy handle for example, request params, by using high level functions provided in such library. You just have to link it when compiling the gsp generated program.

GSP Objects is a cgi/isapi library designed for gsp by Radoslav Paskalev. It provides high level class to help writing cgi/isapi applications. You'll find more information about GSP Objects here. May be you can use it without gsp !

GSP in action. 

Have a look to a same simple example, a cgi writing a welcome a message and an integer sum :

To Do 

Get GSP 

The download page is here.


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